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"If you educate a man you educate an individual, if you educate a woman you educate a nation"  

                                      Dr. Kwegir Aggrey

                                   (Ghanaian educationist, 1875-1927)






Welcome to my homepage



They say what ends up on the Internet stays forever! I hope I could sahre a word or statement that would inspire, motivate or encourage a young person in a positive direction.


The idea of creating a personal homepage was born when I decided to run for political office in 2010. My intention was to use the website to propagate my political ideas and the reasons I decided to run for parliament. My desire to run a proactive campaign deminished when I was nominated to the post of Vice Chair for Save the Children Sweden. The honour of being the second in command of such an august organisation turned this website to an introductory page in Swedish of Kojo Ansah-Pewudie. It never became that dynamic political platform where I was going to direct all attention and energy to tell the world I had something good to offer. Being elected as the Vice Chair of Save the Children Sweden barely a week after the Swedish general elections in 2010 was satisfactory and honourable enough.


Having the previlege to influence global decisons on child rights issues and taking active part in political decisions concerning children in my city district make me feel very special and humble as a change agent for child rights and the quest for global peace and security. What is better than getting to be a child right advocate and a local politician influencing children issues?


The desire to bring about change and evolution should be the desire of all my descendants and all good hearted people. I've come to believe that change and evolution creates a sense of understanding and tolerance which is precedent in the love for all and sundry.









Guiding Principle»

Believe your beliefs, doubt your doubts. Never believe your doubts nor doubt your beliefs.